WordPress Security Plugins to Help Securing Website

Almost 18.5 million websites are infected by malware in each week. The hackers are attacking both WordPress and non-WordPress websites. Due to the security breach, you will have to face lots of problems. It means that the security breach can create some serious issues for your business website. With the help of the security breach, the hackers can steal the data of your users and customers. In some cases, you can also lose access to your website. These hackers can also destroy or defeat the SEO of your website. If you want to secure your WordPress website, you should install a security plugin. Here, we will discuss the WordPress security plugins that will be helpful to you to secure a website.

  • Sucuri

It is leading the industry in the field of WordPress security plugins. After installing this plugin on your website, you can secure your WordPress website. It is also the best plugin to scan your website against common security threats. You can use its free plan to secure your website. Cheap Essay writing service said anyhow, if you want to get the real value of this plugin, you will have to buy their premium plan. This WordPress security plugin has lots of benefits. If it detects malware on your website, it will clean up your website. The firewall protection of this plugin is saving your website against malicious attacks. You can also scan your website at any time against malware. This plugin will also block malicious traffic. After blocking the malicious traffic, it will reduce the server load time. It will also improve the performance of your website.

  • iThemes Security

iThemes is providing a clean interface to the users to secure your website against hackers. After installing this plugin on your WordPress website, you can use it for various purposes. You can use it for file integrity checks. The users can also use it to harden the security of their websites. It is also the best plugin for strong password enforcement. You can also use this plugin for brute force protection. To provide an extra layer of security to your website, it is providing an opportunity of two-factor authentication to the users. You can also use this plugin to scan all the other plugins on your WordPress plugin. By using this plugin, you can also schedule WordPress backups. It will also limit the login attempts on your WordPress plugin.

  • Wordfence

It is also one of the most popular WordPress security plugins. Its free version is available to enhance the security of a WordPress website. You can use its free version as a powerful malware scanner. This plugin is also helpful for users to exploit protection. The threat assessment features of this plugin are helpful to detect all the security threats on your WordPress plugin. This plugin will automatically detect the threats on your website. Anyhow, you can also use this plugin to scan your website at any time. You can use this free plugin on as many websites as you want. The trackers and alerts of this plugin will provide real-time data about security threats on your website. This plugin is also protecting the websites of the users against brute-forcing. For this reason, it is limiting the failed login attempts of a website.


WordPress Security Plugins


  • BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security WordPress plugin is also available in the market as a WordPress security plugin. It is providing wizard setup. By using wizard setup, you can do settings of your plugin. In the setting panel of this plugin, you can also get the links of extensive documentation. The extensive documentation is helpful to you to scan your website. To harden the security of a website, it is also providing login protection to the users. It is also providing the facility of email notifications to the users. When a user tries to get access to your WordPress website, it will send a notification to you via email. The interface of this WordPress plugin is easy to use. It is the best plugin for malware and firewall protection. The users can also use this WordPress plugin for database backups. You can also use this tool as an idle session logout. It is a free tool. Therefore, you don’t need to buy its premium plan.

  • All in one WP security and firewall

It is an open-source tool for the webmasters to secure their websites. By using this WordPress plugin, you can secure your small business website. The only disadvantage of this WordPress plugin is that its user-interface is not built for the beginners. Advanced users can use this WordPress plugin to secure their websites. You can use this WordPress plugin to scan various malicious patterns on your website. It is also providing a feature of IP filtering to the users. The IP filtering feature of this tool is helpful for users to block specific geo-specific locations. You can also use this tool to block specific people. After failed login details, it will block these logins. This tool has also a password strength tool. This password strength tool is helpful to create the strengthen password for your website. You can also use this tool to check the suspicious IP addresses.

  • Jetpack Security

It is providing all in one WordPress security solution to the users. By using this plugin, you can easily scan security vulnerabilities on your website. The active installs of this WordPress plugin are over 5 million. After installing this WordPress plugin, you will get email notifications. In these email notifications, you will get emails when someone wants to get access to your website. It will also send email notifications if your website is down. This WordPress plugin will also save your website against the force login attacks. This tool will also protect against spam and harmful malware. You can also use this tool to restore the data on your website. The essential website design features are also included in this tool. You can also use this tool for automated comment filtering. This is also the best tool to organize the activities on your website. It is also providing secure authentication to secure WordPress websites.