What World Would Be Like Without Wars?

The war is the condition of conflicts between two countries on a special matter. It is a dreadfully and hazardous situation. However, the concept of “World without War” was materialized in 1995. This wonderful and unrealistic concept was presented in Humanism College in the United Kingdom. It was widely discussed in the University of Santiago.  Though, the words “world without War “seems like ideal words, because, no one can imagine this surprising situation. According to the Department of Psychological, this is an abnormal state’ quotation, however, after a hard struggle it is possible “. In this argumentative essay, the professional writers of a company from where people buy dissertation online will discuss what the world would be like without wars.  

According to the Weapon authority, the wars are a critical condition that can ruin the economic system of any country. 99% of people effects by armed war. It is a loss of life, money and economic system. As a result, the concept of war should be finished in all around the world in order to set peace this beautiful plant. The idea of a world without wars represents the concept of humanism. Basically, humanism is a well-known movement in the United Kingdom. It can be applied for the good sentiments of the living method and increase happiness in human beings. The history of wars is related to the provisions, because, the first war was about groceries.

 Without war, this world will be more beautiful and comfortable. There will not be a dangerous situation. Most people think that the concept of war should be finished from the world. The major reasons for war are reproduction, money, food and essential things of life.  The ultra-strict population control should be banned in order to establish peace in the world. However, according to research, a lot of people do not like wars and violence in the country. For that reason, the world without war will be an enjoyable place.

It is widely accepted that money is the basic cause of war between different countries. Therefore, the need for money will be low. In order to set peace in this world, it is very essential that each tribe should control their population. Overpopulation is the cause of wars as well as religious conflicts. In this world, all these things must be checked. This world revolves around religious conflicts, poverty, injustice and sickness.  The First World War has many negative impacts on the life of human beings. It is extremely dangerous and devastating.  It is true that the Second World War is the main reason of destruction all around the world.

Conversely, everyone needs to protect their possessions with kindness, not with conflicts.  According to the famous poet Aristotle, the world without war is not possible. Nowadays, most countries follow the concept of Aristotle. However, social media play an important role in order to increase the concept of “world without war”. Therefore, we should not deny the role of advanced technology that proves that the world will be dreamland with the fear of war.