What Are Transformative Learning and its Role in Education?

Learning is of different ways. It helps students to gain knowledge about things they are not aware of. In this article by an assignment writing service, we are going to discuss transformative learning and the role of transformative learning in education is. Transformational learning is a theory that is all about the process of three dimensions of perspective transformation. The first is psychological which discusses the changes of understandings within oneself. The second dimension is convictional in which you discuss the revisions of the systems of belief. The third and last dimension is behavioral and it talks about changes in your lifestyle and behaviors. Transformative learning can simply be defined as making sense of experience gained by learners themselves.

Transformative Learning Theory:

Transformative learning can also be defined as an important part or process of learning that individual changes with the critical and assumption thoughts and beliefs and consciously make new plans and implement those plans in new ways. It is a rational yet fundamentally analytical process. It helps people to get knowledge about meaningful ways of learning. These learnings involve assumptions, values, questioning, beliefs, and different point of view to get verified logical reasoning and results. Transformational learning is about making different logical interpretations of one’s own beliefs, assumptions, feelings, and judgments. And later defines the meanings of those experiments and experiences into the learning process that changes your ideas, outlooks, and habits as an individual. This theory changes the person in some ways as a result of learnings and understandings.

Role of Transformative Learning in Education:

Most researches show that in the classrooms students always need the support of a teacher or instructor as a partner. This facilitation of partnership establishes a great and successful environment of learning in the classroom. In few schools, students are provided by the teachers with the opportunities to interact with parents extensively and intensively. This truly develops and transforms the level of their perceptions. It is very important to provide data about transformative learning to educators. This helps them to create a link between parents and students for the successful outcomes of student’s education related to informational and transformational learnings. Teachers at the pre-service level must be provided with the skills and disposition to link with parents effectively for the betterment of student’s learning.

Role Transformative Learning for Educators:

In adult education, teaching should not only relate to only lecturing students. Teachers should create an environment that helps students to remove the barriers of shyness and discomfort. Also, create a connection of partnership between teachers and students for successful learning. This approach changes the atmosphere of learning as compared to other typical theories. With the help of this new technique, you can change the environment from teachers centered- learning to overall learning as a whole community. Through this, both teacher and student can have enough control and accountability of learning.

When an educator or a teacher critically examines his/her level of practice and development of alternative learning, transformative learning occurs.  It is very important to examine the process critically for transformative learning. The professional role of transformative learning is to develop and assist educators and learners to gain awareness about habits and minds regarding teachings. With the help of this professional development, students and instructors examine their assumptions about the development of alternative perspectives. Teachers and other educators need more focus on educational and professional developments. This will help them to question and answer the challenges and experiments that are usually discussed critically for the improvement of the institutes. Transformative learning enhances the educational level of teachers. This helps them to solve the challenge of social issues within the educational barriers.

Role Transformative Learning for Learners:

Educators are the most common and important facilitators for students. They help students to enhance the power of their learning. And they also boost their level of energy to achieve their goals in every field of their life. The educators assist the learners to learn about how to construct the knowledge related to themselves and society. As a result, learns to give positive and quality to the learning process and environment. Learns must collaborate with the environmental changes and welcome the diversities within the learning process. The role of transformative learning in education is all about the involvement of participants as active members in discourse. With the help of discourse, the learners are enabling to understand the fact of commination related to their discipline. And they can collaborate easily with any person very effectively.