What Are Different Factors That Can Affect Journal Paper?

Factors of Journal PaperResearchers seek quality and high-impact scholarly journals where their articles would get the best rating, audience, and rating.  While there might be hundreds of online journals that claim to be the best and offer the best exposure and association with top-rated researchers in the industry, sadly things are not what they seem to be. As recommended by experts of PhD dissertation writing services, researchers must understand what they need to look for in a journal aside from the high impact factor and how their search for the right journal will affect their overall hard work and efforts.

Several different factors can help researchers make a wise choice that would affect their present as well as any future endeavors. To continue with their publications and enjoy success in the market, journals also look for ways and means to attract quality and authentic submissions. They try to work in a manner that helps them get the best articles and papers from highly talented and experienced researchers and authors.  Some key factors that affect the entire process from writing to the publication include quality of paper, novelty, and interest in the subject.

Further, these also include characteristics of field and study topics as well as those related to a journal such as its language, scope, the form of publication and author’s reputation, the country as well as funding and collaborations. Discussed here are some of the most important factors that researchers consider before they finalize the journal for publishing their paper and at the same time, what matters most for journals and how they can encourage quality submissions.

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Scope Of The Journal:

Authors and researchers take it very seriously as they do not want to waste their time and efforts by submitting their paper to a journal that is not read by many people or the right audience. This is also detrimental for their reputation as it shows that they are unable to secure a place for their paper in the right journal and it will not do them any good.

The Reputation Of The Journal:

Numerous studies were carried out in this regard and it was found that authors seek the most reliable and trusted journals for submitting their articles. At the same time, journal editors also look for articles by highly reputable and qualified sources that will add more to their publication. The journal’s, as well as the author’s reputation matter immensely as this way both the parties, can benefit from the deal; the authors get the right audience to read and appreciate their research while the journal is credited for published top-quality research papers.

Impact Factor:

The impact factor is very important and must be carefully considered by the authors before they submit their papers for publication. It can have a significant impact on the submissions and there is a strong correlation between the changes in impact factor as well as submissions. When one goes up, the other goes up too; but it is also necessary to understand that this is a trend and might not apply in every case. Authors look at the impact factor closely as they want to submit their papers to journals that have a wide circulation and a better audience. In the same way, reputable journals also seek to publish articles that come from reliable and known authors to increase their readership.

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Editorial Process:

It is an important factor as it can affect the way authors submit their papers to journals as they know that there is a fair and highly competent editorial team at work. From submission to first decision, submission to acceptance, and the journal’s overall acceptance, everything matters a lot as authors look forward to having their papers submitted in the best journals very important, and having a strong editorial team plays a key role in the process. Another important factor that gives authors a chance to stop and think about their paper submission is competitor journals.

With a rise in publications that seek good content, authors now have a choice and they can check out more journals with similar scope and look forward to growth in broad scope journals.  Some other factors that have been identified for affecting journal papers include a drop in the overall research output in a given area, intentional editorial strategies to refocus the journal, and unnecessarily burdensome submission requirements. Both the authors a well as the journal publications need to understand what affects their way of working and how they need to work to achieve results as they both have their own needs and requirements and must work accordingly.