New Page Experience Report in Search Console – What’s Next

If you have a website, you are well aware of the importance of Google Search Console. We can use Google Search Console in various ways to improve the ranking of a website. For example, we can use it to index the web pages in Google. We can also use it to view the backlink profile of a website. It is also the best tool to check the speed of a website. We can also use it to check the performance of the keywords in the search engines. Along with these reports, you can also generate various other reports in the Google Search Console. Recently, Google has added a new report in the Google Search Console. Google has added this report under the name of Page Experience Report.

Along with this report, Google has also added some new filters. By using these filters, you can easily compare the green, yellow and red performing pages of your website. Anyhow, some sources are saying that Google has delayed the launch of this update. Instead of launching this update in May, Google will launch it in August. According to Google, they have attached this new page experience report of Core Web Vitals with other components of the page experience signals. So, this report will provide complete information about the web pages. It will tell either your pages are over HTTPS or HTTP. It will also tell the mobile-friendliness of a website. You can also get an idea about the current status of the web pages over safe browsing.

The experts are saying that it is a cute report. With the help of this report, you can easily get much more actionable data for your website. Anyhow, it is providing value in the consolidation. The webmasters can also use this report to get actionable data about their web pages. You can also get an idea about the percentage of the URLs with good page experience. The webmasters can also get valuable information about the search impressions over time. It is also enabling users to quickly evaluate the performance of a website. You can also get some opportunities for improvement. To get these opportunities, you will have to dig into the components of the page experience signal.

User experience is the most valuable parameter for Google to get an idea about its validity. By using this new report, you can easily get an idea about the page experience of a website. To evaluate the user experience of a web page, Google is evaluating the individual URLs. After evaluating these URLs, Google will use them as ranking signal in the SERPs for mobile. Google has also updated the Google Search Performance report. As a result, you can easily filter the pages with a good page experience. This report will also provide a comparison of this page with other pages on the same site. After improving the components of this report, you can easily get a higher ranking in the search engines.

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Some webmasters have lots of concerns about this new update of Google. They should not worry about it because it has nothing new. It is part of your long term plan for success. If you want to make your website compatible with this new update, you should try to create user-friendly pages throughout your website. It means that you should design such web pages that Google enjoy. To make your website user friendly, you should keep in mind five main factors. First, you should optimize it for the Core Web Vitals. In the Core Web Vitals, there comes LCP, FID and CLS. Secondly, you should focus on the mobile-friendliness of a website. It means that you should optimize your website for mobile devices.

Thirdly, you should also focus on the safe browsing of your website. While opening your website in a specific browser, your users don’t face any problem. Fourthly, your website should open with HTTPS protocol. If your website is opening with HTTPS protocol, Google considers that your website is secured. At last, you should focus on the intrusive interstitial content of your website. When you will share such content, you can easily engage the visitors to your website. No doubt, most webmasters are also working on these components. When we open authentic websites, we will know that these websites are well optimized against these components. According to these websites, this is not a new thing. Anyhow, if your website is not optimized against these components, you should work on it and try to optimize it.

According to dissertation help firm regarding this new update, Google is making lots of changes. Here, you should keep in mind that Google is not going to change the value of useful and engaging content. The useful and engaging content will always remain a ranking factor for Google. Therefore, you should focus on it. If you have fulfilled all the other ranking factors but you have not shared the valuable content, you will never get a higher ranking in the search engines. Therefore, you should never ignore the quality of the content. To provide a great experience to the visitors, you should also try to include visual indicators in your website. Therefore, we can say that Google is making such changes in its algorithms that users want.

After the announcement of this new update of Google, SEO experts have shared their suggestions to improve the performance of a website. First, you should focus on the loading speed of a website. If your website has a slow loading speed, it will have a higher bounce rate. The users of this website will look anywhere else. Secondly, you should audit your plugins. You should try to keep only must-have plugins. Its reason is that these plugins are also lasting enough to load the loading speed of a website. Thirdly, you should check your website for caching. If you have configured these caches wrongly, they can cause some issues for your website. Fourthly, you should check the mobile optimization of a website. If your website is not performing well on mobile devices, you should try to optimize it for mobile devices.