How To Minimize Word Count In A Long Essay?

Minimize Word Count In A Long EssayWhen you are writing an essay you have a lot to say right? Reducing words form your essay is a very difficult task. There are two problems often either you are short of words or your essay is too long. Everything you have written is needed in the essay. Then how will you cut something to minimize the word count? Writing precisely is an important skill. Students who are just in school or college do not know much about these writing skills. So, they write extremely long and vague essays. In this way, it goes out of the set word limit. Top essay writing services have compiled a few simple tips and tricks to minimize the word count in a long essay:


Focus On The Main Point:

After you decide what are the crucial points for your essay, read through it in search of any paragraphs or sentences that fail to answer your main argument or subject. When writing, it is easy to unintentionally go off on topics, and avoiding such tangents will help to minimize word count. The more focused you can keep on your subject matter and points, the more clear your writing will be. This is the most important step when it comes to clear and crisp wiring. You will be able to eliminate extra points even if you do not want to cut anything off. Just write precisely.


Eliminate Redundant Words:

When you talk in our everyday lives we use a lot of unnecessary words. We write as we speak. Redundant words have become a part of our writings in this way. These kinds of words do not add anything to our writings. They have no meaning. These words make our essay vague. Eliminating all these words will minimize the word count to what we need. The most common example of a redundant word is “absolutely necessary”. Here “absolutely” is not needed. It is not any useful meaning to the sentence. You should avoid using redundant words if you want to write within the set word count. 

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Remove Adverbs And Adjectives:

We know the role of adverbs and adjectives in our writing. We write these words to make our writing look good. But we should know that good writing does not need any modifiers. Adjectives and adverbs are modifiers. They are used for verbs and nouns respectively. When you finish writing an essay and you see you have passed the word limit. This is a tough situation. You need to cut the essay that you have written perfectly in your way. For example: “The entire essay was three pages long and it was written with absolute perfection”. In this line, entire and absolutely is not needed. We can write it as: “the essay was three pages long and it was written with perfection”. You can minimize the word count in this way. 


Eliminate Longer Words:

 We use to write long words in our essays often. We think that it makes our essay look perfect. But this is not the case. Your essay should be written in simple and short words. Spot and eliminate longer words in your essay. It will reduce the word count. We should write “using” instead of “utilizing”. Let’s make a sentence about it: “We are utilizing resources more than we need”. You should consider writing it like: “We are using more resources than we need”. It will not only minimize the word count but will also make it crisp. Use just “study” not “the course of study”.

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Trim Wordy Sentences:

We are all affected by this problem. We use longer sentences. Long sentences dull the meaning of the subject. It makes the essay fall flat. The reader does not enjoy reading long sentences. You better consider cutting down longer phrases. This will fine-tune your long essay. This will also minimize the word count of your essay. 


Eliminate Redundancy:

We have already talked about redundant words in the step above. You must have eliminated such words till now. But there is a huge chance that there will still be some redundancy in your writing. Delete segments of explanatory case words undoubtedly and start replacing them with one word that discusses the list, even if you lose some detail. Further than that, removing complexity is about discovering bits of your writing that say the same area repeatedly unintentionally. You can check phrases by deleting different terms and seeing if the context remains the same in reality. In these instances, proceed with the removal always.