How Brexit Can Be Dangerous For Education In UK

The United Kingdom’s divorce to the European Union is commonly known as Brexit. Basically, Brexit is a contraction for” British exit”. The matter of Brexit is gigantic that will affect the complete life of the UK.  It will ruin the economic, social and educational life of the UK people. In this separation, lives of students will be changed completely. Actually, EU is an organization of 28 European countries, that why UK’s people life is depended on its education system. Therefore, the consequences of Brexit will ruin the education system of the UK. Let’s discuss how Brexit can be dangerous for education in the UK.

An End Of Freedom Of Movement

Under the EU law, the UK people will leave free of movements such as goods, services, and workers and capital. The workers will not get the freedom of movement. The students of UK were free to get admission in any colleges but Brexit will impact on their freedom. They will not get admission freely and without any doubt. They will be required to fill all the terms and condition before travelling borders. It is also suggested that online registration will be started for the people of the UK. So, the students will face this difficulty, because, they will face many problems and hurdles before travelling and crossing borders.

Teaching staff

In the UK a large staff of EU is teaching. Brexit will leave negative effect on the lives of teachers. The teachers will withdrawal from their jobs. There will be gigantic problems in employment. Employment will be a huge issue for the people of the UK. Most EU people are teaching under struck terms and condition. After this critical situation all the agreement will be changed. The teachers will be required for paying extra taxes. Another side effect is that modern foreign language in the British schools will be completely removed and this will be a huge hurdle for the teachers. As we know that adopting a new language will not an easy task for all the students. If the teachers will not feel to teaching how the nation will be build up. The distraction and destroy will be future of the UK people. In simple words, we can say that the education system will be destroyed in the UK.

Teaching qualification

Another big problem that is looming on the heads of UK people is the teaching qualifications. Hundreds of people are getting an education in the EU and if the will be withdrawal then their qualification will not be completed. Without complete qualification, teachers will not be able to do any job. When the rules and regulation of getting a job will be changed then who a person will fulfill all these requirements. It means getting a job will not easy for the people of the UK.

Workers rights and requirements

The British government has planned under the law that workers rights and requirements will be changed according to the time. It means that teachers will not able to get their annual leave, holiday pay and breaks. It is also said that health and safety requirement will be changed. It means all the terms and condition will be completely changed. If the teachers will face all these hurdles then how they will be prepared to teach the students. The most important question is what will be the future of the UK education system. The horrible shadow of the Brexit is still looming on the heads of people and they are unable to do anything. They don’t know what they should do in this situation. They don’t know what the right step is for them.

Pupils Life And Schools Trip

The most dangerous effect of Brexit will be proved for the students. The lives of the students will be disturbed completely. 20% of the UK students are getting education in the EU. A huge part of financial service will be affected. The parents will not be able to pay heavy fees to their children. No-deal with Brexit is right for the students. The schools’ trips and extra social activities will be neglected. It will leave a bad impact on the mind of the students, because, we know that educational trip provides a lot of information and relaxation to the children.


Regardless what is the right path for the UK; it is most important for the leaders that set a precedent that prepare good teaching staff for the students’ life. They should take positive step in which the UK education system will be saved. For further information, you can contact with Coursework Writing Services.