Travel and tourism is the study of the journey that is done for the purpose of pleasure or some business tasks. These travels and tourism can be international levels or within a country. Nowadays, tourism has become one of the major sources of revenue for the many countries. These countries try to provide all the necessary facilities to the tourists in order to attract a huge amount of tourists. If you are studying the travel and tourism subject, then you will be asked to write an assignment. To complete the assignment, it is necessary for us to collect the data. Here, we will provide you some helpful resource to find information about travel and tourism assignment.

The most credible resources to collect the data are your university/college libraries. You can get a lot of books related to your assignment topic from these libraries. For example, if you are not able to find enough information related to your topic from these libraries, then you can help with the online resources. The first online resource to collect the data revealing to the travel and tourism assignment is the Ebooks. The most famous Ebooks to collect the information for the travel and tourism assignment are given below;

  1. Thinking Through Tourism

The main subjects of this book are “What is tourism?”, “ A brief review of the tourism”, and “Social aspects of the tourism”.

  1. An Introduction to Tourism and Anthropology

The main subjects of this book are anthropology and tourism.

  1. Tourism: Between Place and Performance

The main subjects of this book are tourism and social aspects of tourism.

  1. Tourism Geography

The main subjects of this book are sociology, anthropology, leisure, and recreation-related to the tourism and travel.

E)      Tourism and Sustainable Community Development

F)      Keys to the Marketplace: Problems and Issues in Cultural and Heritage Tourism

There are also a lot of educational journals are available that provide you a huge amount of peer-reviewed articles related to the tourism and travel subject. Some of them are given below;

  1. World tourism statistics and rankings

In this amazing journal, there are a huge amount of articles related to the cross-border tourism, receipts of the International tourists, and the expenditures of international tours are available.

  1. Modern-day tourism

In this journal, some informative articles related to the Winter, Mass, and Niche tourisms are provided.

  1. Recent developments

In this journal, there are some articles related to the medical tourism, dark tourism, and social tourism are available.

You can also get enough data related to the travel and tourism assignment from the web searching and Wikipedia. You just need to type your keyword on the famous search engines like Google and Bing and get enough data.

For example, if you are not able to find enough information with the help of these tips, then you can get help from the assignment writing services. The expert writers will provide you a list of most predictable resources along with some guidelines to gather information for the travel and tourism assignment.