Five Types of Case Studies Which Are Given in UK Colleges

Case StudiesStudents are often assigned case study writing tasks as a part of their college assignments. There are various reasons behind working on such an assignment, the main reason is research and study and exploring of facts and information that can play a crucial role in helping students find out more about the theories as well as the subjects that they are studying. According to a case study help firm, a case study has been defined as an intensive study about a person, a group of people, or a unit, and its basic purpose is to generalize several units.

The researcher strives to examine or investigate people, groups, communities, or other units in a systematic manner to derive results, either expected or unexpected, for large or small scale investigations. There are several different types of case studies, as well as, multiple types of subjects that are examined in these case studies. Each type of case study differs from the other based on its hypothesis or the thesis that is being worked, but they can overlap; as the basic purpose of all these types is the same. Teachers assign case study writing tasks to students as they want to check out how well the students can conduct research, and how well they can analyze the information and present these findings. Discussed here are the 5 types of case studies that students are assigned in UK colleges.


This type of case study is focused on the explanation for a question or a phenomenon. It is more mathematical in entire as it is about putting 1 and 1 together to come up with 2; the results are what they are, and they are not up for interpretation. It is important to understand that a case study with a group of people would not be explanatory as with humans. There will always be variables or small variances that do not have explanations. Explanatory case studies are condensed as they are performed before a large scale investigation is implemented. Their main objective is to help identify questions and select types of measurement before the main investigation. The only drawback is initial findings may seem convincing enough to be taken as conclusions.

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It is usually the precursor to a formal and large scale research project as its goal is to prove that further investigation and research is required. The main purpose of this type of case study is to give researchers a clear idea about what they are doing and what needs to be done. It is up to the researcher to develop a study that will include further large scale investigation. The exploratory case studies are popular in psychology, social sciences as psychologists search for the best ways and means to treat their patients. Exploratory studies give them a chance to research new ideas and theories.

Multiple-Case Studies or Collective Studies:

These studies use information from various sources to formulate the case for a new study. With the help of previous studies, information is collected without spending too much time or money on an additional investigation. When the researchers take a detailed look at various studies carried out on the same subject or topic, they will get even more information, as well as, the perspective of researchers before them. It gives them a better idea to work on their assignment. This type of study can also lead to differences, and this would give researchers a better idea of which angles to cover and how to move forward with their task.


This is the type of study in which the subject is the primary interest. The study is more about exploring who is the person is and how the experiences and the behaviors have played a role in shaping that person. The researcher will be interested in the person and make it easy for readers to understand why this subject behaves in a particular manner and what it seeks.

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This type of study makes use of a case to get insight regarding a phenomenon. A researcher interested in the study will investigate the subject in detail and focus on the relationship between the subject and the phenomenon to understand things better. The main idea behind this type of study is the result and not the topic, and the researcher will work hard to manage things in a way that gets the right results for further study. All these types of case studies deal with the subject and the relations of the subject with the phenomena. The UK colleges encourage their students to understand the right type of case study that they are working on and carry out the research most efficiently for desired results.