Benefits of Work-Study Programs for Students in the UK

Work-Study programs are helpful for UK students to earn extra money and to get work experience in their field of study. These work-study programs last positive impact on the minds of interviewers and they try to give preference to those students who have some experience of work during their student age. These work-study programs are also valuable for international students. When international students write this work-study experience on their resume, it can also become a cause of availing the best job opportunity. Some essential benefits of the work-study program for students in the UK are given below;

Your work-study earning will not affect your financial aid eligibility

It is a fact that the UK government and other organizations are offering lots of scholarships to their students. Most of the scholarships aids are available for needy and talented students. If you are earning some money through work-study programs, it will not affect your eligibility for getting these kinds of financial aids. Most students think that if they are earning some amount through work-study programs, they will have to report their earnings on the FASFA and this record of FASFA can affect their eligibility for scholarship programs. They should not worry about it. Its reason is that this entry on the FASFA is just formality and scholarship providers will not consider it. As these work-study programs are providing an opportunity to earn some money through part-time jobs. The money earned from part-time jobs is not considered on FASFA. Anyhow, if you have shown some other means of earning and your annual earnings are greater than $6,420, it will increase your EFC score. It means that you will not be able to receive any kind of aid from any government or non-government organization.

You control where your money is going

Most of scholarships aids are awarded to students to spend on specific study areas. Like, there are some scholarships aids that allow you to pay your fees only and there are also some scholarship aids that allow you to pay your hostel dues only. It means that you don’t have full control over these financial aids. On the other hand, the money earned through work-study programs is directly given to you and you are free to use it. It means that you can use it either by paying fees, paying hostel dues, buying books or bearing other study expenditures.

Convenient positions

There are some part-jobs that are a headache for the students. Its reason is that students have to do these jobs far away from their campus and these jobs don’t have accessible job hours. On the other hand, work-study programs are easily manageable for students. Its reason is that these programs are providing flexible job hours to students and students can easily do these jobs at the places which are located nearby their campus. Moreover, the working hours of these jobs are easily accessible to students. It means that students have to do these jobs during their free time instead of class time.


It is a fact that after completing the job, students have to do a job. These work-study programs are also helpful for students to gain work experience. This work experience will be helpful for them in future. When they add their experience of work-study programs on their resumes, it will last positive impression on the minds of the interviewers and they try to give preference to these candidates over the others. Moreover, these part-time jobs will also boost up the confidence of candidates and they will feel it easy to give an interview. The interviewer thinks that a candidate who has worked during his student life will show better commitment with his work than other candidates.

It will instil some skills

As a student, it is also necessary for them that they should acquire some essential skills. These essential skills are not only helpful for them during their academic career but these skills are also helpful for them during their professional career. Work-study programs for UK students are providing the best ways for students to enhance their skills. With the help of these programs, students have to interact with other employees. As a result, their communication skills will be improved. Students have to connect with other people in their job area. As a result, their interpersonal skills will be improved. While working at a job place, students will also learn job place manners. These job place manners will be helpful for them to perform their duties in an effective during their professional life.

These work-study programs will also enhance their studies and these programs also add some perspectives to their studies.

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