An essay that is written about a particular place, person or thing is known as a profile essay. The most important type of the profile essay is that in which we write all kind of information about a particular person. Moreover, we also provide enough information about the main cause of the prominence of that person in the profile essay. To write a profile essay, you will have to conduct an in-depth research. If you are not able to write a profile essay, then you can get help with essay writing services. The best guidelines and tips for writing a profile essay are given below;

1)    Interview the person

As we have discussed earlier that a personal profile essay is written about a particular person. Therefore, the best way to gather important information about that person is to conduct an interview with him/her. You should try to determine all the interview questions prior to the interview. First of all, you should try to cover the basic questions about his/her personality. While getting the answers to these basic questions, you should also try to observe the appearance and behaviour of that person. After getting the answers to the basic questions, you should try to get the answers to the specific questions. In these specific questions, there come some questions about the accomplishments, hobbies, and interests of that person.

2)    Develop a loose outline

An outline is just like a map to create a monument of your profile essay. The outline of your profile essay should be based on the subject of the essay. For this reason, you should try to write down three headers. First of all, you should write a heading of ‘Introduction’ and try to gather information about the introductory paragraph of an essay during the interview. In a similar way, you should also write another two headings ‘Body’ and ‘Conclusion’ and try to gather information about these sections during the interview.

3)    Compose a list of specific interview questions

Before going to conduct an interview, you should try to prepare a list of all the interview questions. These interview questions should be open-ended, specific, and relevant to the topic of your essay. You just need to gather only important information about the person with the help of these interview questions. There is no need to gather common information about the person with the help of these interview questions.

4)    Conduct an interview in a distraction-free zone

The main aim of conducting an interview with a person is to gather productive information about the person. This thing is possible only if you have created a distraction-free zone for the process of conducting an interview.

5)    Write down a mind-blowing profile essay

Once, you have gathered enough information for your profile essay, then the next step is to create a monument of the profile essay. A profile essay should be written by following the professional structure and format. In the professional structure and format of a profile essay, there come three important sections like introduction, body, and conclusion. After creating the final draft of your profile essay, you should try to proofread and edit it in order to remove all the mistakes from it.