5 Punctuation Problems That Comes With Quotations

Including quotations in the dissertations, theses, and coursework increase students’ grades. Quotations provide solid information and provide value to our points. Using the famous quotation in the dissertation according to the topic provide in-depth information to the reader. Quotations clarify that our arguments are solid and no need to provide a reference. Students comprehend and admit the importance of the quotation in their dissertation but they don’t realize its correct use. When they include quotations in their dissertation, they face many problems. By using punctuation, we highlight our quotations. Without using punctuation marks, we can identify the quotations. Here, experts of assignment writing services are going to discuss 5 punctuation problems that come with quotations.

  1. Using A Period At The End Of Declarative Statement

Students have to include statement and quotations in their thesis; therefore, they face a problem.  Students often confused, because, they don’t have proper information about punctuation marks. Keep in mind that every sentence contains one punctuation mark. Don’t hesitate to use a mark at the end of a sentence. When you are using a declarative quotation in your dissertation or theses, you must use a period. For example, “the accessibility of the internet is increasing fast over the past several years”.

  1. Using An Exclamation Point To End Exclamatory Quotation

Another problem that students face when they have to include quotation is the use of exclamation point. Actually, the main problem is that students don’t understand how to end an exclamatory quotation. For example, students have to include some quotations of the famous writers and they don’t know how to use an exclamation point in the quotation. The simple solution is that students should use exclamation marks at the end of the sentences. Don’t forget to include short expressions and intense emotion by using exclamation points. For writing assignment excitements or strong emphasis, you should use exclamatory quotations by getting affordable assignment help.

  1. Using A Comma In Order To Indicate A Break

Another issue that students face is using a comma for indicating a break or pause in a quotation. As we know that comma is the most useable and famous punctuation marks. Students have to use comma for breaking and pausing sentences. Using this versatile punctuation mark is difficult for the students, because, they don’t know how to use this mark in the quotation. Under the dozens of situation, you should use a comma. Don’t forget that using the right comma can increase your grades. Along with that, utilize a comma when you have to write three or more items. For example, this piece of writing contains, title, tips, suggestions, and conclusion. For writing a quotation, you should use a comma to separate two or more adjectives when describing a noun. Often you have to use a comma in the introductory phrases from the sentence.

  1. Using Colons And Semicolons

Using colons and semicolons is another problem of the students when it comes to including quotations in the dissertation. Instead of facing this problem, you have to use a semicolon to separate two independent clauses. The use of semicolon and colon is quite difficult, yet without following this rule you cannot gain success in your academic years. Make sure that you are using a semicolon to separate a complex series of items. If you are introducing a list in your quotation, you should use colons; otherwise, this will be considered a big mistake. Often students use titles based quotations, because, they have to include a lot of things in the series of colons as told by a cheap assignment writing service.

  1. Problem Of Using Hyphens And Dashes

Often quotations are based on compounds words or smaller words. Students feel tough to use hyphens and dashes in their dissertation. If you have to use compound words as well as smaller’ words then you should use hyphens in your writing. Although, using these punctuation marks is very difficult, yet students don’t have proper information about punctuation rules and regulations. Therefore, the best method to solve all these punctuation problems is getting proper information about it. For using and writing correct quotations, you should know all the rules and regulations of the punctuation marks. You should use numbers or hyphens when for writing a long list of the words. To interrupt a statement, you should use a dash.